Michael (maburnham) wrote in portlandpoetry,

Short poem i wrote back in 98


Love is a word I hate
Love is a word i do not believe in
will it come back
or will it be lost forever never to be found again
should I search for it
or shall I run and hide
will I be hurt again
or next time could it be true
i can never know until i trust love again
but should I and fear what could happen again
or not and always be safe
i do not know
i just fear the pain
that has happened before by those 3 words
I love you

Michael Burnham
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The idea's in the poem are great, but you might want to make more connections to the world around you. Put in things that the reader would relate to. For example, a common one is the taste of blood. Almost everyone has tasted blood, so it would be a connection. Anyway, I love the ideas!
Funny, I diddnt realise poems were supposed to be connected to the world around you, but maybe you are on to something, like in Green Eggs and ham, eggs come from chickens AND EVERYONE EATS EGGS AND CHICKENS!
Poems are not rock songs, they dont need connection to anything.